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Terms of Submission

General Guidelines

Last updated: July 2023

Draft 143 is a submissions-based project where it collects submissions from people who wish to share their memories with us in the form of tickets and receipts.

The following are its general submissions guidelines:
  1. We accept submissions on a rolling basis.
  2. All submissions are anonymous. Please refer to our privacy policy for more details.
  3. Please categorize your submissions accordingly. Draft 143 categorizes its stories with the following: “General”, “Friendship”, “Love”, and "Sentimental", and “Misc.”.
  4. Submissions that suggest and/or show harassment, discrimination, or any form of threats will not be accepted. This also includes hate speech and tasteless/malicious jokes.
  5. Users may submit as many submissions as they'd like. However, multiple entries will not be entertained.
  6. The seasonal event feature of Draft 143 would only accept submissions for a limited time. After a season’s duration, it will not be able to accept submissions for that season unless it is opened once again by TomasinoWeb. Stories will, however remain visible in its corresponding Events page.

Privacy Policy

Last updated: January 2023

TomasinoWeb strives to provide the highest quality of service towards the Thomasian community and beyond. Part of this is asking for your personal information anytime you access our website. Below you will find some important information regarding our privacy policy and how we treat the data we collected from you.


We may collect a variety of personal information of the following but not limited to: your log data (device, browser, IP address), user input for the entries (location, content, date and time of submission), and user cache.

On the other hand, we do not collect personal identifiable information and browsing or data usage outside of the web application itself.


The data collected from you will be internally used for data analysis and research, as well as creation, development, and improvement of future services and projects. Rest assured that the data we collect from you will be secured and protected in compliance with the law regulating data privacy.


TomasinoWeb reserves the right to amend its privacy policies to improve its services and security measures, as well as to comply with government requirements.
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