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In every purchase comes with a receipt, in every receipt comes with a story.

Draft 143 is a compilation of stories that are based on true life experience. As sentimental as it sounds, it relives memories associated with receipts and tickets acquired from the past. Stories shared fall under different categories-from an unforgettable bonding with friends to a memorable date with a special someone. Aside from compiling stories, an e-receipt can also be acquired as a memento. Just submit an entry then choose a receipt theme that is most suited to your liking. Feel free to download it for keeps!

This project is made with love by Andrea Dayo, Andy Cadeliña, Anella Pascua, Brin Isaac, Danial Santos, Gregg Lagman, Hans Ramos, Jay Ambal, Lancelot Bulan, Amiel Mala-ay, Zeandarra Giva, Lance Gulinao, Joshua Entrata, Angelo Dela Paz, Carlo Miñano, Julia Pascua, and Kercwin Ocampo

Images used are courtesy of TomasinoWeb and the following: Alexa Taay, Arden Esmile, Christianne Lonzanida, Deojon Elarco, Genise Danga, Hersheys Solomon, Jio Perez, Larizza Lucas, Nathaniel Salcedo, Ricardo Magpoc, and Vince Imperio.

Assets used are courtesy of TomasinoWeb and the following: Fernadine Hernandez, Graceteen Buado, and Iris Mirzi Cardenas.

A Project by TomasinoWeb

Archive#Seniors Send-Off ✨AboutTerms of Submission